Junior Eurovision 2021: day two review

December 15, 2021


Day two of first rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2021 have come to an end today at La Seine Musicale, and we have seen the remaining ten countries take to the stage for the first time.

First up on day two of first rehearsals was Sona Azizova from Azerbaijan, who wowed everyone with her impressive vocals. Sona is alone on stage, wearing a beautiful white sparkly dress. She is surrounded by a sea of neon blue lights, that give the whole performance a very chilled and relaxed vibe.

Denislava and Martin from Bulgaria are joined on stage by a big teepee tent, which goes on to reveal the shadows of the two singers inside, before they both come out of hiding on to the main stage. The colour scheme is one of light, warm beige and gold colours.

Anna Gjbrea from Albania has brought her school with her to the Eurovision stage! She is joined by four dancers and a handful of school desks. The whole theme of the staging gives off a cartoon-style vibe, with the props, backdrop and outfits being all in black and white.

Olena Usenko from Ukraine is alone on stage amidst a sea of black and orange colours on the backdrop and stage floor mixed with imagery of fire and rain. Olena, who is dressed in black and red, delivers a very strong and somewhat emotional vocal performance. 

Dajte Muzika from North Macedonia have delivered a very powerful performance of their song. The whole performance is very high energy, with lots of choreography. On the backdrop, we see lots of images of nature, similar to what we saw in their music video.

Alinur and Beknur from Kazakhstan have transported us to a fairytale world on stage. Wearing silver and purple futuristic-like outfits, the staging is rather simple and stripped back, with the duo situated in the centre of the stage throughout the performance, with jungle-like theming all around them.

Jovana and Dunja from Serbia have treated us to a lovely, fairytale-like performance, complete with a giant picture frame! The two girls interact very well with each other, as they make great use of the stage and their giant prop. The girs look beautiful in their pink and blue dresses, complete with black berets.

Maléna and her dancers have given us an almost futuristic-like performance of “Qami Qami”. They are all dressed in a mix of pink, blue and white, with the colours on the backdrop mixing very well with this, and we even get to see some pyro too.

Tatyana and her dancers have given a very polished and confident performance on stage, along with their many different props. The staging is very bright and colourful, and definetley stands out among the crowd. The beginning of the performance sees Tantyana and her dancers with bikes on stage, before Tatyana is lifted up in a cicus hoop. 

Enzo and his team of dancers have transported us all back to the 1920s with their performance of “Tic Tac”. The colour scheme for the performance is sparkly gold and white, which can be seen in the LEDs and in their outfits. The stage floor is checquered, similar to the music video. The dancers and their outfits are giving off 1920s swing-big band vibes, suiting the song perfectly, whilst Enzo impresses with a strong vocal performance.

That’s a wrap on the first rehearsals for Junior Eurovision 2021! Which country has been your favourite so far? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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