Junior Eurovision 2020 day 2: sneak preview of Russia’s performance

| November 24, 2020

The next country to give us a sneak peak into their Junior Eurovision performance is Russia with their entrant Sofia Feskova. We can see Sofia in a beautiful and elegant blue dress as she sings her song “My New Day” alone on stage. The performance has a magical touch to it, and the backing images transport us into an almost fairytale like place as Sofia delivers what sounds like a very strong and confident performance.

Speaking of her song, Sofia has revealed what her favourite part of the “My New Day is: “The most favourite lyric in my song is: ‘The whole world feels like home; there I’ll stay, it’s my new day.’ This line is a call and reminder from a child for every adult: never be embarrassed to believe in miracles, create your own’ fairy tale,’ and then your every ‘new day will be great!”

How did you like Sofia’s performance? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to stick around for the last performance preview of today, Poland.

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