Julia Samoylova supports Manizha in Eurovision 2021

May 15, 2021



After facing heavy criticism in her home country, Manizha gets former Russian candidate's support.

Julia Samoylova was the participant for Russia in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, and she doesn’t really appreciate the criticism against the current candidate, Manizha. In an interview with the Sobesednik news site, she explained why she thinks many Russian internet users are being extremely negative and rude about Manizha’s performance and selection, as they were about her own back in 2018.

“It doesn't matter what place she takes. It is important to perform with dignity, she has everything for this,” according to Julia.

For Julia, it is a fairly classic wave of hatred that has struck Manizha. She herself was heavily criticized in 2017 and 2018 by part of the public and the political critics.

I think everyone is being bullied in our country, and even about the Little Big group, which was supposed to go last year, they [internet users] wrote:“Who are these?”,“What is this horror?” There is a certain group of people who like to discuss others and are always dissatisfied with something.”

In addition to the usual criticisms of people dissatisfied with the choice of their country’s representative, there are also racist criticisms, she thinks, “Maybe the whole point is that she is Tajik? But we have a few Russian-Russian artists“. 

For Julia, what matters is that Manizha is herself and is dignified on stage.

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