Joining Team Ding-Dong: VAL announces they are getting married!

| October 8, 2020

‘Tis the season to get engaged! On their official Instagram account Valeria Gribusova and Vladislav Pashkevich (VAL) announced they are engaged. 

Vladislav asked Valeria the big question on a mountain in Montenegro. The couple has been there for holidays as the current situation in their home country still stays the same.

After being in discussions with BTRC, the Belorussian broadcaster, as well as the political situation in the country, it seemed they needed a break to get new energy in the small balkan country.

As their Instagram post says in their mother tongue, they got engaged on International Music Day after almost five years of love. The way up the hill also wasn’t the easiest as they were writing in the caption. 

The team of Eurovoxx sends the best wishes to Valeria and Vladislav and all the best for the future together.

Belarus in Eurovision

Belarus’ Eurovision history dates back to 2004, when they first participated in the contest. Even though their first three attempts failed to qualify, in 2007 Dimitry Koldun got the best result to date when his song Work Your Magic ended up 6th in the grand final. Other notable entries include I Love Belarus (2011), Solayoh (2013) and Story Of My Life (2017). VAL was selected to represent Belarus in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the contest got cancelled.    

Are you happy for Valeria and Vladislav? Let us know your thoughts and congratulations for them in the comments below!

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