Jamala among jury members for Vidbir 2024

January 24, 2024


The jury members for Vidbir 2024 have been revealed.

Ukrainian broadcaster Suspline has revealed the names of the three jury members for this years edition of Vidbir, who will be making up 50% of the final results.

A total of nine candidates were shortlisted in the hopes of making it onto the Vidbir 2024 jury panel, with anyone in Ukraine being able to vote via the Diya app. The top three candidates with the most votes would go on to become the official jury members for Vidbir 2024. A total of 720,841 people voted.

  1. Andrii Danylko – Eurovision 2007 as Verka Serduchka
  2. Jamala – Eurovision 2016 winner
  3. Kateryna Pavlenko – lead singer of Go_A
  4. Oleksandr Varenytsia – PR Specialist
  5. Olena Kolyadenko – Choreographer
  6. Pavlo Shilko – co-host of Eurovision 2005
  7. Serhiy Tanchynets – lead singer of Bez Obmezhen’
  8. Yevhen Khmara – Composer and pianist
  9. Yevhen Triplov – Composer and producer

It was Andrii Danylko, Jamala and Serhiy Tanchynets who received the most votes, thus becoming Vidbir 2024’s official jury panel. Andrii was the winner with 43.79% of the vote, with Jamala in second place with 23.62% of the vote and Serhiy in third place with 12.42% of the vote.

All three jury members will be asked to sign a jury agreement before they can be confirmed as Vidbir 2024 jury members. If, for any reason, any of the three jury members cannot sign the agreement, the candidate with the fourth highest votes will be asked to sign.

Becoming a Vidbir jury member for a sixth time, Jamala has spoken out about what she will be looking out for in the final, and how she will be voting: “… The performer’s confidence in performing live helps a lot to show the song reveal the theme and work 100%. So my main criterion is the live performance, the song itself, and the meaning, as well as the number and charisma of the artist. Therefore, I will form an impression of the participants as soon as I see each of them perform live, just like an ordinary viewer will watch Eurovision 2024…”

A total of 11 acts will be competing in this years Vidbir, which will be broadcast live from Kyiv on Saturday February 3rd from 18:00 EET, hosted by Timur Miroshnychenko, Julia Sanina and Vasyl Baidak.

  1. Yaktak – “Lalala”
  2. Ingret – “Keeper”
  3. Nazva – “Slavic English”
  4. Anka – “Palala”
  5. Drevo – “Endless Chain”
  6. Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil – “Teresa and Maria”
  7. Mélovin – “Dreamer”
  8. Skylerr – “Time Is Running Out”
  9. Ziferblat – “Place I Call Home”
  10. Yagody – “Tsunamia”
  11. Nahaba – “Glass”

Nigerian-Ukrainian duo TVORCHI were crowned the winners of Vidbir 2023 with their song “Heart of Steel”. As automatic qualifiers, due to Ukraine’s win in 2022, TVORCHI brought “Heart of Steel” straight to the final of Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool, where they achieved a 12th top ten placing for Ukraine, finishing in 6th place with 243 points.

What are your thoughts on the three jury members for Vidbir 2024? Are you happy with the public’s choice, or would you have preferred to see any of the other six candidates as jury members? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Eamonn M. McCormack / Getty Images for The National Lottery

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