It’s his Destiny! Vasil releases new song “SudBina”

January 28, 2021


Vasil is back with a new song, SudBina (Destiny), which is the same name as his upcoming album. The song is his second release since his Eurovision song, You, and comes after PriKazna, released in August.

The music video sees Vasil alone on stage, in a striking white outfit, before being joined by four backing dancers, all of whom create something that is visually stunning and eye catching.

The song, sung entirely in the Macedonian language, is a very uptempo traditional pop song with lots of ethnic elements to it, both in the music and singing. Vasil has worked on the vocal arrangement of the song with Gjorgi Vacev, who have both contributed to the backing vocals alongside Junior Eurovision 2013 participant, Barbara Popovic.

On January 20th 2021, Vasil was confirmed as North Macedonia’s representative for Eurovision 2021, after he was unable to represent his country in Rotterdam 2020. At the moment, it is unknown what song Vasil will song, or when it will be released. However, in a recent Instagram post in which he was promoting SudBina, we see the hashtag Eurovision. So, could this be Vasil’s Eurovision 2021 entry? I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Are you happy that Vasil will be singing at Eurovision 2021? What type of song would you like to see him singing? Let us know in the comments below!

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