It’s Happening…The TV Return of Dustin the Turkey!

| November 6, 2020

It remains one of the most bizarre performances to grace the Eurovision stage ever! In 2008, while the country was in the midst of a massive economic collapse, Ireland found some light relief in the form of a poultry puppet “singing” a tongue-in-cheek ode to our beloved song contest! Breaking from it’s tradition of serious, formal musical performances, the country took a massive change in direction and embraced the camp, the ridiculous and the tactical televote!  Dustin the Turkey was already an established children’s TV character in Ireland, noted for his ability to jest, insult and leer at all of the adults in the Irish public eye.

Now, in an equally difficult period, 2020 is bringing us the TV return of Dustin the Turkey.   RTÉ have decided to resurrect the treasured Irish children’s TV show ‘The Den‘, repurposed for a primetime, family viewing slot.  Dustin says:

33 years after we started, we’re going back on the telly live!

Host Ray D’Arcy added:

We’re there for the boys and girls and parents and inviting them to do all the thing they used to, and more! It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait to be on telly with the boys again. People out there need a bit of mayhem, madness and boldness and that’s what we hope to deliver.

Take a trip back in time! In the clip below from 1990, newly elected President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, appeared on ‘The Den’ to confront Dustin the Turkey, who she alledged had spread rumours that she had smelly feet!

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