Italy’s Diodato takes 2020 By Storm

| August 31, 2020

Italy’s Eurovision 2020 participant, Antonio Diodato has had quite a year despite all the setbacks that the COVID-19 pandemic brought on. Starting the year off with winning Italy’s Sanremo Music Contest, Diodato had no idea how much his life was going to change.

On February 14, 2020, he released his latest album, “Che Vita Meravigliosa,” which contained his winning Sanremo entry, “Fai Rumore.” This song would go on to become the anthem that the Italian population embraced during the quarantine. Around the entire country, people were singing the song off their balconies, while sequestered to their homes. The attention brought to the song skyrocketed Diodato’s fame, and increased his Instagram followers alone, 600%.

The "Triple Threat"

During this time, Italy held their version of the Oscars, the Davide di Donatello. Diodato’s song, “Che Vita Meravigliosa,” which the album was named after, won the category for Best Original Song, having been featured in the Italian movie, “La Dea Fortuna.” Not only did he win the Davide di Donatello, but he also won the same category at the Nastro d’Argento, another film awards ceremony. These wins made Diodato known as a triple threat, an honor that few Italian artists have accomplished.


Summer Tour

At the beginning of Summer 2020, Diodato released a new song titled, “Un’ Altra Estate,” which helps listeners see the silver lining around their situations entering the season. Around this time, restrictions in Italy were beginning to be lifted, and concerts were starting to be allowed again. Very slowly, Diodato eased into a new concert tour entitled, “Concerti Un’ Altra Estate.” As July started, new shows were added to the tour, and rather quickly started getting sold out.

As we continue into the Summer season, we’re seeing new shows and concert collaborations with Diodato. With his successes so far this year, us here at Eurovoxx are excited to see what the Autumn brings for Diodato!

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