“It gives me a feeling that I will never be able to explain”: Stefania chats with Andy

May 15, 2021


Following Stefania’s rehearsal for “Last Dance”, Greece’s entry for Eurovision 2021, Andy from Eurovoxx caught up with the Greek-Dutch singer for a chat about her impressions from the rehearsal and the reactions to her song, as well as her experience competing in her birth country.

For Stefania, performing in the Netherlands “feels like home”, but she still felt quite nervous the day before her first rehearsal. Once she actually started performing her song, however, that tense feeling immediately disappeared. “When I was onstage, I was feeling the vibe so hard”, said Stefania, “I was like: ‘Oh yeah, we’re gonna sing again and just enjoy the night’, and everything went perfect”.

Another factor helping Stefania feel more confident onstage are the strong positive reactions from fans. “They were filming themselves and they were crying”, she shared, “so that makes me really happy and really gives me more power for all the performances”. When asked whether the amount of support has been overwhelming, Stefania had a decisive answer. “No, when people are supporting you, you only say ‘thank you, thank you’ because I want to make people happy”.

The interview also discussed the clear 80s influence on “Last Dance”, which Andy is a big fan of. The creation of the final track went through several changes, according to Stefania. “It was actually, at the beginning, also a little bit of an 80s song vibe”, she said, “but then Dimitris [Kontopoulos, one of the song’s writers and producers] did something… And it was awesome”. Naturally, 18-year-old Stefania hasn’t been around in the 80s, but she would like to go back in time and experience the decade.

Stefania also mentioned her background as a contestant on Junior Eurovision, representing the Netherlands at the 2016 edition of that contest. That experience came in handy when rehearsals started for the main event this week. “I looked into the camera, I was like: ‘OK, it’s all over Junior Eurovision again'”. Stefania also had some compliments for Destiny, Malta’s 2021 representative and a fellow Junior Eurovision alumnus: “She is awesome. Every time I see her, she gets like more beautiful”.

How will Stefania do at her semi-final? Will her blast from the past take her all the way to the final? Watch with us next week, and in the meantime talk to us in the comments below!

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