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Ireland: a folk metal band in Eurovision 2023?

October 2, 2022


It seems that Eurovision has started to interest rock and metal bands. On the 1st of October, frontman Keith Fay announced that the folk metal band Cruachan has submitted his bid to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. 

While submission windows are opening all over Europe, a surprise comes straight from Ireland – Cruachan applied to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2023. The band has published on their Instagram account the following statement:

“It’s a typical Cruachan song and we feel it’s time Ireland left the usual and expected ‘pop’ stuff behind and went for something different. One of the greatest things we have in Ireland is our folk music, yet it’s never utilised, so we’re hoping to put that right. Folk metal in Eurovision?”

Ireland will select their Eurovision representative through The Late Late Show, just like last year.

Cruachan: a folk metal band

Cruachan is a folk metal band from Dublin formed in the 1990s. The name of the band is a reference to the archaeological site of Rathgroghan in Ireland, also known as Cruachan.

The band is composed of five members: Keith Fay (vocals, keyboard, guitar and mandolin); Joe Farrell (bass); David Quinn (guitar); Audrey Trainor (violin) and Tom Woodlock on drums.

They are considered as one of the first bands of folk metal. Cruachan uses Celtic mythology in their lyrics. They currently have released eight albums. Here is “Ride On” from their “Folklore” album.

Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest

Ireland is the country that won Eurovision the most times (seven). But despite it, they have almost failed to qualify since 2013, except in 2018 with Ryan O’Shaughnessey. The last representative of the country was Brooke with “That’s Rich”.

Do you think that Cruachan will succeed to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest? Is Irish Celtic music back to the contest? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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