IPBC launches song submissions for Eden Alene’s 2021 entry

| September 16, 2020

Israeli broadcaster IPBC have opened their song submissions window for Eurovision 2021, and it will remain open until 11am on October 5th. All submissions can be entered here.

The rules state that full songs must be submitted. Only lyrics or only music is not allowed. All songs can be submitted by anyone of any age, but if they are a minor, they must have a guardians consent.

Eden Alene will perform in a 16 song national final to find the song she will sing in Rotterdam next year. A committee will select the 16 songs for the national final, which will be uploaded online, where four songs will be chosen for the live shows by the committee and four by the public. 

There will be two semi finals, each with four songs. Some will be performed by Eden herself, others by songwriters or other performers. Two songs from each semi final will go to the final, where Eden will perform them all.

Are you excited to hear Eden’s potential songs for Eurovision 2021? What style of song would you like to see her perform? Let us know in the comments below!

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