Internships will be offered to singers and dancers for the stand in rehearsals

| January 27, 2021

On 19th of January, NOS/AVATROS/NPO announced that 24 young dancers and singers from Rotterdam Codarts and Albeda College will be given internships to be in performers for Eurovision 2021. The broadcasters will offer 14 singers and 10 dancers internships.

Rotterdam Councilor, Mr. Said Kasmi  says:

“I think it is great that the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest offers this unique and undoubtedly unforgettable internship to students of Albeda and Codarts. I hope this example will inspire and encourage companies to take action. Because more than 4000 MBO students are still looking for an internship in the Rijnmond region. Today’s students are the employees of the future!”

All 24 singers and dancers have been selected. It’s great opportunity for culture students who are struggling for internships in these COVID -19 times, and to be there on the Eurovision stage is a great opportunity for them.

Are you excited for this years Eurovision Song Contest? Which scenario do you think will be chosen for the contest? Let us know in the comments below!

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