“I´m Here on a mission” – Clara meets up with Tix and finds out they share some points of view and states of mind

May 21, 2021


After his second rehearsal, Tix said he is having fun and feeling nice. About the ideas of the staging, he thought this was the right way to represent the song visually but it is not easy for him to put his ideas together: “In this head is f** chaos all the time”, said the Norwegian singer. The song is about someone who is having a hard time but has a lot of inner beauty (the fallen angel). The character fails to recognize his beauty and inner dreams because of his insecurities and struggles (the demons around him), that are holding him back from where he belongs (heaven).

When we asked about the video clip idea, he said he declined what the producers wanted him to put in it so that he could bring his own ideas and show Europe who he really is. The artist said he sees music in a different way from other people, because when he listens to a song, he visualizes things like different colors and patterns.

Between a lot of work and no free time, he still has time to read all the comments about him on social media because he is here on a mission, which is to make some lives better. Knowing how people react (even if in a negative way) to his music is a way for the underdogs and the outsiders to express their deepest feelings.

What about you? We want to know your feelings about Tix’s song!

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