Il Volo and Diodato will perform at Sanremo 2021

February 26, 2021



Winners of the 65th edition of Sanremo festival (2015) Il Volo and the 70th edition (2020) winner, Diodato are going to perform during two nights of this year’s edition; Diodato during the first one, on the second of March, and the trio during the second one, on the third of March.

It’s not a tradition, that the first act of the five-night-lasting contest is the winning song of the prior edition, so it’s a little bit surprising that this year, it is going to be “Fai Rumore” by Diodato. The reason of that decision is, that this song symbolizes the ordinary life before the pandemic, of which Eurovision 2020 couldn’t have taken place, and the song couldn’t have represented Italy in the contest.

These artists aren’t the only Sanremo winners, who are going to perform during these five days of Sanremo. Arisa (2014 winner) and Ermal Meta (one half of the 2018 winners) will take part in the competition, along with Francesca Michielin, who came second in 2016, but went to Eurovision after the winners refused.

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