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Iceland: Three songs to stay in Icelandic for the Söngvakeppnin 2022 final

March 11, 2022


Icelandic broadcaster RÚV has revealed that Stefán Óli, Katla and sisters Sigga, Beta and Elín will keeping their songs in Icelandic for the Söngvakeppin 2022 final, and should they make it to Eurovision 2022 in Turin.

As always with Söngvakeppin, the finalist got the decide whether to keep their song in Icelandic or switch to their English version.

The current odds on favourite to win Reykjavíkurdætur (Daughters of Reykjavík) have to switch to the English version of their song “Turn This Around“. However, there’s still a good amount of the song that is sung in Icelandic. That leaves the wildcard act Amarosis as the only act to perform entirely in English with their song “Don’t You Know“.

Since 2014, Iceland have only had one entry in Icelandic. That came in 2019 when techno-punk rock group Hatari performed “Hatrið mun sigra“. Now it has been announced that over half of the songs will be performed in Icelandic, the chances of seeing this language at Eurovision again have become more likely. 

Are you happy with the songs that have been kept in Icelandic? Are you looking forward to the final on Saturday? Let us know in the comments below!

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