“I didn’t come to second or third place…I want to win!” – Eden Alene delighted Andy with her interview.

May 16, 2021


After her first rehearsal, Eden Alene was amazed by the grandiosity of the Ahoy Arena stage. However, she did not feel very confident in her performance, because according to her, everything has to be perfect and she knows she can do better!
The singer promises to give 200 percent on stage because she really wants to win! Eden made a point of deciding several details about the performance so that people can see her personal stamp and also a little bit of Israel.

She said she worked hard for this and made sure to watch all the reactions to her song, as she considers it essential to understand what fans think of her work in order to improve. Besides wanting the world to know her as a singer, she also wants to show her side as an Ethiopian girl.

After a frustrating year because of the pandemic, which she overcame with the unconditional support of her family, the Israeli singer wants more than ever to win the competition. Even if it is necessary to … cheat! – she joked. At all! She feels that she has what it takes to win Eurovision 2021.

There was still time to share some tips on how she takes care of her beautiful voice. She ended with a special message to her fans. It’s all here in our video!
And you? Do we have any Eden fans on that side?

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