“I am enjoying it” – Tusse explains his feelings about being in Rotterdam

May 15, 2021


After the first rehearsal Andy got the chance to sit down and talk with Tusse, who represents Sweden this year in Rotterdam, Netherlands in Eurovision Song Contest 2021. He caught up with him to talk about his impression from the first experience in the arena. 

Tusse telling Andy: “Getting on the stage, I was just mesmerized with the whole… it´s huge. It´s a freaking arena. I mean, my jaw dropped how the visuals were gonna be on the stage. How I was gonna walk on stage and everything. I´m pretty satisfied how it´s done. It´s massive.” 

He´s referring also to the Eurovision movie: The Story of Fire Saga to describe how he´s feeling about getting on the stage for the first time, referencing the scene where Lars and Sigrid express how the stage is huge and massive. Tusse tells us also that it might sound very cliché to react like this, but it´s very true to how he felt getting on the stage for the first time and perform his song “Voices”. 

Tusse won Sweden´s national selection, Melodifestivalen, in a landslide with both jury and televote. Now he is hoping to do good and get a great result in this year´s edition of Eurovision Song Contest that is held in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

Are Sweden gonna continue their good results in the contest and get another top 10 this year? Tell us yout thoughts in the comments below or on social media. 

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