Former Hungarian Eurovision Boss Speculates on the Reasons for their Withdrawal

| November 5, 2020

Hungary’s former Eurovision Head of Delegation, Lőrinc Bubnó (2017–2019), recently sat down to take part in an interview series called ‘Humans of Eurovision‘.  In the video he is interviewed by another former Head of Delegation, (Jans Bors, Czech Republic), to discuss his experience of the Eurovision Song Contest.

He speculates about two mains reason for Hungary’s withdrawal from the contest:

Participating in Eurovision costs a lot of  money…if they have to cut something, it was pretty sure that they were going to cut this“.

Though he does add that it is worth the money and pales in comparison to the cost of production of a national selection.

Hungarians still need some time I think to be prepared like Western Europe for the LGBTQ community…this has pretty much been a stigma in the whole post-socialist countries and I think that’s something that we all struggle with.  We still need a few generation for this to tilt back in place“.

Other takeaways from the interview:

  • As a trained classical musician, he had his prejudices about the contest, but having gotten involved he conceded that it is “television at its best”.
  • He believes all kinds of musicians can get to the Eurovision without losing their integrity (citing AWS from 2018 as an example).
  • He believes, if A Dal (which previously decided the Hungarian entry) were to be used in the future, it should include more audience voting (including international voting), as he believes many viewer favourites did not get success.
  • He would support the return of live music to the contest and to encourage more participation from singer-songwriters.


The full interview can be watched below. Hungary participated in the contest 19 times achieving 5 top ten finishes.  Would you like to see Hungary returning to Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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