How do you deal with a broken heart? Alicja has the answer with new song “Pusto”

| October 17, 2020

Alicja Szemplińska, the 18 year old Polish representative at this year’s cancelled Eurovision Song Contest and winner of the 10th edition of The Voice Of Poland, has released her new single “Pusto”, which is available on all streaming services.

“Pusto”, which means Empty in English, is an emotional pop ballad in which Alicja asks both herself and the recipient many unanswered questions. The artist talks about unhappy love, a painful separation and the eponymous emotional and physical emptiness that remains in us after the departure of a loved one, whom we had a deeper feeling for.

Her song “Pusto” is the fourth studio track of Alicija. Most importantly, the song complies with the Eurovision Song Contest when it comes to its release date. According to the applicable rules, a song that takes part in the competition must premiere after September 1st of the year preceding the given edition. Do you think that Pusto could make a good Eurovision song?

The entire song is in Polish, but here are the translated lyrics:

Empty city around us
The sun rises, time slows down
I feel your hand on my back
sends heat down to the bone

your voice
my whisper
intertwined into one whole
right through to the grave
how can this be enough?
you want it, I don’t
I do not!

And how will the night be now
And what will be the day now
I’m falling
And if it was a mistake is it still my home
Who am I now
When you’re gone
Next to me

(Empty city
The sun rises)

It’s gray outside, I’m cold
Memories are as irritating as a bad movie
I turn on the light, I feel the void
I look at the photos again

The Polish Television has not yet revealed who will represent Poland at Eurovision in 2021. The hopes of supporters that Alicja Szemplińska would go to Eurovision 2021 increased after the words of the president of TVP. Jacek Kurski said that he was in favor of the winner of The Voice of Poland 10 again representing Poland at the adult Eurovision Song Contest.

What do you think of Alicja’s new song “Pusto”? Would you like to see Alicja back to Eurovision 2021? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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