“Hijo de la Luna” as a Eurovision entry? Well, that almost happened!

| November 3, 2020

You surely know Mecano’s “Hijo de la luna“, one of the most successful Spanish songs, and still popular these days. But did you know that this song almost participated at the Eurovision Song Contest?

According to Esc History, the Spanish band Mecano was part of the internal selection of the Spanish national final in 1986 along with Cadillac and Gabinete Caligari. But in the end, the Spanish national broadcaster, Televisión Española, decided against the song “Hijo de la Luna” and chose the band Cadillac with their song “Valentino“, with which they achieved a 10th place at the Eurovision Song Contest 1986.

The song “Hijo de la Luna” is about a woman who prays to the moon for a husband all night. In the end, the moon tells her to have her husband, but in return she wants her firstborn child to be handed over to her. When the child is born, it turns out that his skin color does not resemble that of the father. The man believes that his wife has committed adultery and kills her with a knife. Then he carries the child to the top of a mountain, where the moon takes them him the sky.

The band Mecano went on to become of Spain’s most successful pop bands of all time. With over 25 million records worldwide, the song “Hijo de la Luna” was one of their biggest number one singles. Too sad that we will never know how well they could have done with this song at Eurovision.

Do you think “Hijo de la Luna” would have been successful at Eurovision? Do you think it could have won? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I am almost sure that this song would reached the first place at the ESC.
    It’s at this time an absolute classic song also performed by one of the most famous Opera Stars from Spain.

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