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Greener and more personalised Postcards revealed for Malmö 2024

May 1, 2024


SVT has announced the theme & inspiration behind this year's Postcards

With just under a week to go until Eurovision 2024 begins, the Swedish broadcaster together with the EBU have revealed the idea and theme behind this year’s Postcards which are shown on television before each entry performs. All 37 country’s postcards will be filmed in a similar way, showcasing all the incredible places across Europe where each and every artist has come from.

SVT has promised that this year’s postcards will be just as effective & engaging to the audience, but with a drastically smaller carbon footprint. This has been an achievable aim as the Postcards have been sent in by the competing countries, instead of SVT camera crews needing to travel to film all 37 artists in their respective countries. 

Per Blankens, TV Producer for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, provides the concept of this year’s Postcards:

“Each of the Heads of Delegation got the assignment to make sure that each artist was filmed in ‘selfie mode’ with a smartphone – the way we are used to seeing it on social media.” 

“We also added some public service – a graphic map to see where all the countries are located in the world. And then we wanted to celebrate the rich and incredible history of the Eurovision Song Contest by adding a couple of previous great entries from the Eurovision archives of each country.” 

“For the Postcards this year we decided on a fun challenge. What if the postcards could be sent to us rather than us traveling in order to save the environment – and money. After all, they are called postcards.”

It is said that the Postcard will not only introduce the performers, but also the countries that each act is singing on behalf of in a more personalised & heart-felt way. All will be revealed at Semi-Final 1, where fans across Europe will be able to see the Postcards of Malmö 2024 for the first time. 

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