Greece: only five artists in the race for their spot on the Eurovision 2022 stage!

November 20, 2021

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O enthousiasmós anevaínei! (or as we say in English; the excitement is rising!). With only 5 artists still in the race for becoming the Greek representative on the Eurovision 2022 stage in Turin, we can all start getting excited. On November 17th, we were delighted by the ERT when they published the names of 5 artists who remain in the competition to represent Greece next year.

20 down, 5 remain

The ERT has revealed they received about 40 songs, by 25 artists who all want to represent their beautiful country on that Eurovision stage in Turin. Now, only 5 artists remain! The winner will be chosen by a internal expert committee under the supervision of Dimitris Papadimitriou.

Who are still in the race?

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the five remaining artists!

Amanda Tenfjord

Born with the name Amanda Georgiadis, this 24 year old Norwegian singer spent several years of her life in the Greek town Ionnina. When she was only 5 years old, she decided to take on some piano lessons, leading to a life based around making music. She remained a busy bee with taking part in several festivals while she was also studying medicine at the age of 18.

ballad is said to give the listener some goosebumps and an explosion of inner emotions. The producer of the song is the Norwegian musician Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter who has several important collaborations on his name.

Good Job Nicky

The flamboyant Greek singer Nikolas Varthakouris is hoping to raise the Greek flag in Turin next year for quite a while now and now he is one step closer! The singer, going by his stagename Good Job Nicky, became known in Greece mainly for his unique style which combines gently R&B and Gospel like singing. He made his big break in late 2022 with his power ballad called January 8th.

For his submission for the Greek national selection, he chose a cinematic song written by Hermes Geragidis, a artist Nikolas has collaborated with throughout his career. He has a strong team behind him, with Fokas Evangelinos standing out the most. Fokos will be in charge of directing the act if Good Job Nicky will be selected by the jury panel.

Elias Kozas

How nice to see a familiar face! Competing in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Alcohol Is Free, Elias is back at it again! This time Elias is riding solo, leaving Koza Mostra behind. In 2013, he ended up in the 6th place with the band, that calls for a second round! Kozas has submitted a total of 3 songs, all performed in English. The entries are written in Kozas’ favorite genre which featured in his recent work; rock.

His 2013 entry Alcohol Is Free did really good at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, it was the last Greek entry finishing in the top 10 before Stefania in 2021. Will his 2022 entry perform even better?

Lou is

With over 15 year of experience on stage, Louiza Sofianopoulou has taken her chance to compete on the Eurovision 2022 stage! On her name are some pretty big collaborations, including Elni Vitali, Manolis Famellos and Dimitra Galani.

Louiza herself describes her Eurovision 2022 entry as:

“a disco style dance with fresh pop orchestration and an optimistic message. It tells a story, a transition from the past to something new and better. There is nostalgia and love for what I experienced but a strong and clear mood to move forward!”

Joanna Drigo

Described by her team as “one of the most promising, young upcoming singers and songwriters in Greece’ this 35 year old started her musical career with a part in the live performances of Filippos Pliatsikas. These collaborations resulted in the talented singer to record her first album with the songs Vicky and Allergia stis desmefsis setting her as one of the most interesting English and Greek speaking artists in Greece.

Who will we see in Turin next year?

Which Greece based artist are you rooting for this year? We would love to hear your favorite! Let us know in the comments below.

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