Go_A’s song “Shum” reaches 1 Million Streams on Spotify

September 17, 2023



Go_A Hit 1 Million Spotify Streams With Their Iconic Eurovision Single "Shum"

It has recently been released that the band Go_A have achieved what so many artists and song writers dream of…100,000,000 streams on Spotify. What’s makes this milestone so remarkable is the band have achieved this for the very song that they sang at Eurovision with, titled “Shum”.

Of course, Go_A represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2021 with their song “Shum”. This of which was a real fan favourite at the time, and has given the band so many incredible opportunities following the contest and beyond. The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 was held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where Go_A placed fifth in the Grand Final scoring 364 points. They earned 267 televote points & 97 jury points, an incredible result which truly paved the way for the Ukrainian quartet’s future success. 

Go_A have celebrated reaching One Million streams on social media, thanking their fans for their long-lasting loyalty and showing appreciation for the opportunity to perform their song on the biggest stage in 2021. 

On the social media platform ‘X’ (formally known as Twitter) the band wrote “The song ‘Shum’ has reached 100,000,000 streams on Spotify! It has also took the 17th position among 1500+ songs in the history that have reached this mark, and became the 5th non-English language song to reach a success”, “100,000,000 streams show that right now Ukrainian Magic is happening all over the world and we bring it to every city of the tours, so stay tuned for new announcements and see you at the concerts!”

Although there are ongoing challenges faced by Ukrainian people due to the war, bands & musicians such as Go_A continue to provide strength & healing to their fans through the lyrics in their songs. Go_A continue to spread positive energy across Europe on their very own tour. The band are an iconic example of how much success can be achieved after the Eurovision Song Contest; the future certainly seems bright for the Ukrainian quartet. 

How excited are you that Go_A have reached one million streams on Spotify? Have you listened to Go_A’s other incredible song releases? Will you see Go_A on their European tour? Let us know in the comments below!

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