Go_A tease their potential Eurovision 2021 entry

| November 20, 2020

  During an interview on a Ukrainian morning show Breakfast 1+1 (Снiданок 1+1) Go_A lead singer Kateryna Pavlenko has shared that they might have a song that is ‘the one’ for Eurovision:

  “We have a song in progress that we put our main bets on. We found a very interesting topic that is built on Ukrainian folklore, we are working on it now. I think that this is the song with which we will end up representing Ukraine in Eurovision.”

  In another interview with Eurovision.tv, Ukraine 2021 representatives shed a light on the behind the scenes process: they have been hands on the minute they found out they would need to perform a new song! And, to make it more exciting, they are writing more than one.

  Go_A are looking forward to letting the world experience and learn about Ukrainian language and folklore with a song full of emotions and meaning:

  “We want to rediscover a matter that affects everyone on this planet that we hope will help all of us to rethink our existence.”

Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest

  Ukraine’s Eurovision history dates back to 2003 when they first debuted in the contest with the song Hasta La Vista. The second year Ukraine participated Ruslana won the entire contest with her song Wild Dances, which brought the contest in 2005 to Ukraine’s capital Kiev. After getting 2 second places and one third place in-between 2005 and 2014 Ukraine took a one-year break in 2015. Jamala made Ukraine’s comeback in 2016 with her song 1944, she won the contest, and brought the contest once again back to Kiev. Go_A was selected to represent Ukraine in 2020 with a song Solovey, before the contest got cancelled.

What do you think about Go_A’s idea? What are your expectations for Ukraine’s 2021 song? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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