“I just want to share good things” – Andy catches up with Gjon’s Tears in a speed lightning interview

May 17, 2021


We got a brief interview with the Swiss singer, Gjon’s Tears, who started by saying he was happy to live this experience. When we asked him about the reactions to his song, Gjon said that he saw some and was happy for the positive ones but felt some disappointment regarding the non positive comments. In spite of it, he sees the well-structured criticism as a way to evolve and improve as an artist.

 The young musician did not hide the fact that despite appearing to be very down to earth and balanced, he feels quite nervous about participating in the event.

“I’m super scared and I’m super stressed but it’s just like I’m just not trying not to show it because when I show stress then people will share it (stress) also with me.”

For him, what you give is what you get, so he always try to share positive things to get them back as well.

Because his schedule is always so tight, he said goodbye to our viewers shortly, thanking them for all the support and to enjoy Eurovision!

Does anyone want to share any positivity with Gjon’s Tears? Say in the comments below!



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