Get ready to dance as Senhit releases remix of hit song “Breathe”

| November 19, 2020

Senhit is back with a banger! She has teamed up with BB Team and Italian DJ Benny Benassi to release a remix of her hit song “Breathe”.

Senhit originally released “Breathe” in July 2020 and since then, it has gone on to amass over 4 million views on YouTube. And now, she has teamed up with Benny Benassi to create a remix of “Breathe”. The song itself, which is already a very uptempo pop-dance track, has been turned up a notch with this new remix.

This new version also comes with a slightly different music video to the original. We can see the same styling and concept, but just put together in a different way.

Senhit made her Eurovision debut in 2011, singing the beautiful ballad “Stand By”. Unfortunatley, she failed to to qualify to the final, finishing in 16th place in the semi final. Senhit was later confirmed as San Marino’s 2020 representative with her catchy pop-dance song “Freaky”, but due to the cancellation of the contest, she was unable to have her moment (again) on the Eurovision stage. So now Senhit will be returning to Eurovision 2021 for San Marino, but at this moment, we do not know any details about what sort of song she will be singing in Rotterdam.

What do you think of the remix for “Breathe”? Do you prefer the remix or the original? Let us know in the comments below!

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