Get Excited! Because Finland’s The Rasmus is to use flying props!

April 8, 2022

The Rasmus Eurovision 2022


There are officially 32 days left until the Eurovision Song Contest of 2022 commences and we can not wait! We are all so excited to see all of the performances on stage. But one in particular is sparking our interest right now; The Rasmus! This years representatives of Finland are planning something big on the Eurovision stage in Turin this year, revealing they will be using flying props!

Certainly different from the The Rasmus' UMK performance

Yes, you read that correctly; FLYING PROPS! Now, that is getting me really excited. 

The news was given to us by the official Twitter account of the Finnish national final UMK on april 4th. UMK explained that the performance we will see on the Eurovision stage in Turin will be very different than The Rasmus’ performance we saw on the UMK stage. Giving away the news that there will in fact be flying props in the air. 

Now, I am wondering; what will the props be? In the Tweet by UMK officials account we see a reference to balloons… So will they release a insane amount of balloons into the audience? Or are we talking a hot air balloon like we did in 2017 with Brendan Murray’s performance? Maybe I am overthinking this here, but I can’t help my fantasy going wild!  

When will The Rasmus perform with their flying props?

The Rasmus will perform their Song ‘Jezebel’ as the first contestant during the second semi-final on May 12th. 

What do you think about flying props and do you think it will just be balloons? Let us know in the comments below!

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