Gåte must re-write Ulveham lyrics ahead of Melodi Grand Prix final

January 29, 2024


Gåte have been informed they must change some of the lyrics in their Melodi Grand Prix entry "Ulveham".

Norwegian folk band Gåte have been told that they must re-write their Melodi Grand Prix entry “Ulveham”, because some of the lyrics are identical to a 1,000 year old ballad which Ulveham is based on, as the song itself is based on Norwegian folklore.

Because Melodi Grand Prix is a contest that only allows songs with original music and lyrics, the Norwegian broadcaster has informed the band that they must change the lyrics of the song before their performance in the final on Saturday 3rd February.

Head of Delegation for Norway, Stig Karlsen, has explained that the lyrics of “Ulveham” could cause a problem if Gåte were to win Melodi Grand Prix, as only original lyrics are allowed at the Eurovision Song Contest; but goes on to say that the song title and its historical theme will remain the same.

“We see this as potentially problematic in relation to the regulations, and MGP has himself asked Gåte to write a new text. The EBU has been informed of this.”

However, despite the new lyrics incoming, Stig Karlsen assures everyone that the song will still feel the same as the “Ulveham” which was performed in the semi final: “The song, the story and the identity and expression of the performance will be virtually identical to the performance to be delivered in the final. We therefore do not see that the change to the text is of decisive importance.”

Melodi Grand Prix enthusiast has chimed in on this announcement with surprise: “It surprises me a little that rights are not 100% clarified in good time. Either by Gåte or NRK. It will be exciting if a newly written text arrives in the same way.”

Despite all of the confusion surrounding the song lyrics, and the vocals and music at the very beginning of the song, “Ulveham” was sent to the EBU for an assesment, (in case it wins Melodi Grand Prix), and they have approved the song to participate in Eurovision 2024, should it win.

Gåte will be performing in 8th place in the Melodi Grand Prix 2024 final on Saturday 3rd February, as the full running order for the final was released today by NRK.

What are your thoughts on Gåte needing to change the lyrics of “Ulveham”? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

Photo credit:  Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

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