“If you understand the music, you understand what light and hope is” – Fyr og Flamme (almost) took over control of Andy’s interview

May 17, 2021


Relaxing and enjoying the competition, it’s how these two guys are dealing with Eurovision at this point. As the Danish entry Fyr og Flamme said – “Doing 80’s music is not just buying the keyboard”, their music came naturaly and as countryside boys, they grew up listening to the 80’s.

When asked about the wardrobe, with some joking and irony to the mix, they revealed that they are wearing some clothes from a famous eccentric broadcaster from a Danish radio that, guess what, plays music from the 80s.

The backing vocals have a strong component of their performance but unfortunately given the restrictions imposed on this year’s edition, they were only able to bring 3 back vocals with them. They made sure to bring the best 3 from all over Denmark.

Guess what, during their time at the hotel, they are working smoothly on their debut album.

As a message to the fans, they wanted to thank and make it clear that whoever understands the song, understands what light and hope means, so, as they said… “Let’s have a party!”

And what about you guys? Did you catch the meaning within the song?


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