Fundraiser launched for London Eurovision Party 2022 as the party is cancelled indefinitely

March 5, 2021


The London Eurovision Party (LEP), one of Eurovision’s biggest pre-party’s, could be coming to an end. The COVID-19 pandemic, along with financial troubles and the unforseen closure of the party’s iconic venue, Cafe de Paris, in the heart of London, have all contributed to the unfortunate cancellation of the pre party.

In a statement made by party founders Kabir Naidoo and Russell Davies on The London Eurovision Party’s official Facebook and Twitter pages, it has been confirmed that the 2021 edition will definetley not be going ahead, and that the party has been cancelled indefinitely. However, there could be hope for the party from 2022 onwards.

Earlier today, a fundraiser was created on justgiving, a crowfunding site. The aim is to raise £5,000 to help bring back the London Eurovision Party in 2022. As of now, £1,093 has been donated, which makes them 21% of the way towards their end goal.

The London Eurovision Party has been a staple for many Eurovision fans over the past 12 years. Drawing in fans and artists from all over Europe, the party instantly became a hit. Despite the unfortunate cancellation in 2020 and 2021, we hope that the London Eurovision Party will be back in 2022, stronger than ever!

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