“For an artist who goes to Eurovision, what comes after is the most important thing” – Clara was “The Lucky One” chatting with Uku Suviste

May 19, 2021


We spoke with Uku after his second rehearsal. In the first rehearsal he had no idea what was going on around him, like he was seeking something, but in the second one, he felt he knew perfectly well where he was standing and it felt very good.
His team felt that some changes about the staging were needed to make it more simple and clean.

The singer is aware that not only Estonians support him but people from all over the world as well, including countries that do not participate in Eurovision and that makes him feel grateful and happy. After so many years trying to participate in the event, he finally made it but, as he said, the most important thing is what comes next, there is a lot of work to do! And what comes next after Eurovision? Well, he will have a concert, if the pandemic situation allows, in his own country.

When we asked him what message he wanted to send to Eurovoxx fans, he told people to enjoy the event, stay safe and of course to… – “Vote for me, vote for Estonia”!
And what about you guys? Do you feel lucky to have him in Eurovision 2021?

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