Finnish city of Vantaa prepares mural tribute to Käärijä

June 4, 2023



The City of Vantaa is preparing a mural tribute to Käärijä.

Riikka Åstrand, the Mayor of Käärijä’s hometown Vantaa, has confirmed that the city is preparing the painting of a mural in tribute to the Finnish star. The mural will be located in the district of Tikkurila.

The mural was initially planned to be located in the Ruskeasanta area of Vantaa, as that’s where Käärijä is originally from; but the city’s authorities believe the district of Tikkurila is a better option due to its central location and busier footfall, as the Mayor explains:

“If we have international visitors who want to make a pilgrimage to the Käärijä mural, it’s easy to get there from the station.”

A potential site to the west of Tikkurila station, close to the town hall and market square, is being eyed up as a potential location for the mural. The city’s offices in the Tikkurila district have been considered unsuitable for the mural, but Åstrand has said there are a few privately-owned alternatives.

“A large wall without windows and openings would be suitable for the purpose, such as an office-type building… We are currently investigating whether the company will agree to the wall of their building being used as a mural site. We hope to hear back this week.”

Åstrand has explained that trying to find the right location for the mural has been a difficult task, as there are many buildings in Vantaa that are, or will be, under threat of demolition.

“City residents have suggested some sites for the mural, including the Shopping Centre Dixi and the ice hall, but neither are possible. The ice hall is under the threat of demolition within 10 years, and the potential mural wall at Dixi would be obscured by a planned extension.”

Käärijä has seen his fame and popularity skyrocket after his participation in Eurovision 2023, which saw him achieve one of Finland’s best ever Eurovision results.

After winning semi final 1 on May 9th, Käärijä went on to win the televote in the final with an impressive 376 points. He finished in fourth place in the jury vote with 150 points, and finished in second place overall with Finland’s highest Eurovision score – 526 points.

What are your thoughts on the city of Vantaa preparing a mural of Käärijä? Will you go to Finland to see this mural? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: PA

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