Final versions of Eden Alene’s songs have been released!

| January 5, 2021

Israel is one of the countries who has nominated the same artist of Eurovision 2020 for this year’s contest. Just as last year, the Israeli broadcaster KAN had internally picked Eden as their 2021 singer while having the public decide which song she is going to perform in the Netherlands. The national final is called HaShir Haba and will include three potential songs which have made it into the final out of nine competing songs.

The competing songs are called La La Love, Set Me Free and Ue La La. Two out of these songs have been picked by an online vote while a jury vote decided the third final song. The basis of this preselection were demo versions of all songs. The final versions, sung by Eden Alene were supoosed to be released on January 18th, but they have been leaked today. The voting will still open on January 19th, giving the people plenty of time to vote for their favorite.

KAN have posted the final songs on their official Facebook page. In addition to this, KAN have also revealed the results of the eliminated songs. 

4th place – Shoulders (12.1%)

5th place – Spilling Magic (10.4%)

6th place – Can’t Stop A Hurricane (8.9%)

7th place – Flying (8.7%)

8th place – Coming Out (7.3%)

9th place – Rise Up Today (7.2%)

Which of the three final songs is your favorite? Let us know down in the comments.

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