Feeling exhausted during these difficult times? Sanna Nielsen’s new song “Decembernatt” may brighten up your day!

| November 4, 2020

We all know Sanna Nielsen for her powerful ballad “Undo” with which she participated at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Now she brings us another beautiful song called “Decembernatt” and enlightens the dark season with it. 

Decembernatt” (December Night) is about the longing for the holidays during a peculiar year, rather than a pure Christmas song. 

Sanna said that the line “We take back every single breath that you and I lost, one December night” is her favourite line as it describes a lot of what she always feels around Christmas time. “When I finally get the time to spend with my loved ones with a lot of fellowship and love, and that is something I wish everyone can experience”.

Decembernatt” is Sanna’s first song in Swedish since 2018’s “Det vänder nu“. On the holiday theme, Sanna has otherwise been listed several times, starting with the Christmas album “Our Christmas” 2008. The new song is a work by two of the country’s most commendable songwriters, Peter Kvint and Peter Jacobsson Morén.

One of the two songwriters, Peter Jacobsson Morén, says about the song:

“The hope in the song is to be able to make involuntarily broken contacts, perhaps with Christmas celebrations, with those who have not been allowed to meet and have had to hold on for a long time when reality has been put on pause. But it can also be read as threads being taken up of a more romantic kind. The listener decides. Sanna has made a fantastic interpretation and we hope and believe that the message and feeling in the song reaches far beyond December.”

Sanna at Eurovision

Sanna Nielsen won Melodifestivalen after her seventh attempt and represented Sweden with the ballad “Undo” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, where she reached third place.

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