EXCLUSIVE: Mirud’s FIK song is in the style of Elvana Gjata’s ‘Me Tana’ and has been given her approval!

| October 28, 2020

We love an exclusive, and we’ve got one for you right now! 

We’ve not only had the artist names and song titles for this year’s edition of  Festivali i Këngës 59, but while discussing the news on our YouTube channel, Mirud dropped in with some exclusive revelations about his song!

Contrary to his song from two years ago, Mirud will be sending a song in the style of last year’s fan favourite Me Tana by Elvana Gjata!

I have a very upbeat song in the style of Me Tana for this year. I wanted it to make it different this time from "Nënë". But can't wait to perform this song for you 💜

Mirud went on to reveal that the song has had the seal of approval from Elvana and her team, which we are sure will get ‘Me Tana’ fans salivating…

I've consulted with Elvana Gjata on the song so let's kill this.💜

Many fans may remember Elvana Gjata from last year’s Festivali i Këngës with the song Me Tana. The song was a big favourite in the lead up to the contest, finishing in 2nd place behind Arilena Ara with the song Shaj

You can check out Mirud’s comments in the livestream below at the timestamps 24:34 and at 26:26.

We are well and truly excited about this news and we cannot wait to see what Mirud as well as the rest of the Festivali i Këngës 2020 stars will bring us! The Eurovision 2021 season has well and truly begun!

Albania in Eurovision

Albania debuted in the contest in 2004, where Anjeza Shahini came in a respectable 7th place with 106 points with the song The Image of You. Since then, they have qualified for the final 7 out of a possible 14 times, with their best placement occurring in 2012 where Rona Nishliu came in 5th place with 146 points with the song Suus.

Prior to the cancellation of the contest, Arilena Ara won the ticket to Rotterdam for 2020 with Fall From the Sky and was set to perform 12th in the 2nd semi final, following Denmark and preceding Finland. 

What do you think about this news? Are you excited to hear what Mirud could bring this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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