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Eurovoxx review: check out what we think of the Junior Eurovision 2020 songs!

| November 28, 2020

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 is just around the corner. On Sunday, 29th November, the 18th edition of Junior Eurovision will be held in Warsaw, Poland after Viki Gabor won the previous edition with the song Superhero. Since the adult Eurovision Song Contest was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the execution of the kids edition will most likely receive more attention, especially considering that the acts have recorded their performances from national television stations instead of performing live in the host country. 

In the following, each of the 12 contestants will be presented with the thoughts and opinions from various Eurovoxx members.

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Despite 8 withdrawing countries, Germany is finally making their debut at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. After winning the national selection “Dein Song für Warschau”, Susan gets the honour to represent her country with the song Stronger With You. This R&B ballad is half in German and half in English. She is going to open the contest in running spot #1. 

Here are some opinions from Eurovoxx:

Dominik: “As a German, it is so refreshing to finally hear the German language again in a contest. I really like the progression of the song and her voice sounds pretty mature already. I wish her the best of luck.

Alvis: “Her vocals are pretty nice and song is with a silk touch, I give my thumbs up!

Lydia: “Great debut! Feels great to have a song in German, it’s been so long! Deserves more attention.

Sandra: “For Susan is this a perfect song for her age, it shows her abilities in the vocal range. A good entry to participate with for Germany.

Jessica: “Catchy, modern R’n’B sounding song which is sung very well, but doesn’t really suit my personal taste.

Harrison: “A really uplifting and positive ballad, a strong debut from Germany.

Unlike in Eurovision, Kazakhstan has been a part of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest family since 2018, with a 2nd place as their best place so far in 2019. Karakat Bashanova wants to get the first victory for her country with the ballad Forever which includes Kazakh as well as English. 

Eurovoxx comments:

Twan: “My favourite. It’s emotional, her voice is incredible and the performance looks absolutely incredible. As a literal angel, Karakat takes us on an amazing fairytale- like journey. Winner material.

Lydia: “My winner. Really emotional, makes me feel things! Karakat’s voice is amazing, I love the sound of Kazakh language and the staging seems incredibly interesting. Outstanding, really!

Christopher: “So touching! And an impressive voice! A contender!

Sandra: “This a really strong message about her own relationship to her country and its lovely that she dedicates this to her lost grandfather.”

Jessica: “Such a beautiful and emotional song and performance. I think this is a potential winner.

Alvis: “Beautiful song with such a deep meaning! Potential winner!

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The Netherlands are one of only two countries in total with 18 consecutive participations at the JESC. Since then, they have achieved one victory so far in 2009 with the song Click Clack by Ralf. This time, the girl band Unity will try to win a second time for the Dutch people. The catchy pop song Best Friends is both in Dutch and English. They have earned the right to represent The Netherlands after winning the Dutch selection show “Junior Songfestival 2020”.

Eurovoxx members comments are: 

Lydia: “Exactly what a Junior Eurovision song should sound like. Super adorable and catchy.

Matt: “Yasss girls! Love this! Such a feel good song!

Justin: “Fun and catchy melody. This really stands out against the ballads.

Jessica: “Love this one! It’s my favourite this year! It’s so fun and catchy, and sums up Junior Eurovision perfectly. Could possibly be the online vote winner.”

Harrison: “Catchy and will probably have a fun performance. A contender to win the online vote!

Alvis: “Giving spring vibes! Love girls unity in this song.

Petar Aničić already stands out as one of only two participating boys in the contest. With his Serbian and English ballad Heartbeat. He is going to represent Serbia, trying to achieve the first victory for the Balkan state. 

Here are selected comments from Eurovoxx members:

Dominik: “This song really caught my attention instantly. He has a very unique and warm voice and the song really touches me. I hope he will receive a lot of points!

Sandra: “A country known for having strong vocalists in the contest. This year they are bringing a young talent boy to show what they can bring for the win. This message of love gets your heart to melt!

Jessica: “A lovely sounding song, and Petar has a great voice, but I feel the song falls a bit flat and doesn’t elevate.

Twan: “This song has grown on me a lot since seeing the backstage clip. The performance brings the song alive.

Harrison: “Modern sounding, easy to listen to and has a relaxing, chilled out vibe.

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Besides The Netherlands, Belarus is the only country who hasn’t missed out a single Junior Eurovision edition so far. They chalked up two victories so far in 2005 & 2007. This year, Arina Pehterewa has the chance to chalk up the third Belarussian win with the song Aliens which includes Russian and English. 

Eurovoxx members have the following thoughts about her song:

Twan: “Amazing! I love the dark vibe. Arina is an amazing singer. She can belt, rap and sing softly.

Jessica: “I love this song. It’s a real power ballad, full of power and emotion. And the rap part fits in so well to this. Could this be a potential winner?

Alvis: “Definitely best vocals in this competition and these vocals give enough energy to put in TOP 3.

Christopher: “So different and impressive. Really like it.

Lydia: “A contender for the win. Really enjoy this one! I wish Belarus would bring such a quality to the adult contest, would love to see Arina in Eurovision in the future.

Justin: “Very mature sound. In the sea of ballads this year, Aliens is one of the best.

Sandra: “This some strong power in this ballad. One of my favorites to win. Belarus is on it to win everyone’s heart by letting Arina sing her soul out. Super impressed that they choose this entry.”

Ala Tracz might feel a higher pressure than the other contestants because she is representing the host country Poland who managed two consecutive victories in the last two years. The Polish and English song I’ll Be Standing wants to make sure Poland defend their title again. Tracz was able to win the Polish selection Szansa na Sukces Junior 2020, giving her the right to represent her country.

Eurovoxx members say the following:

Jessica: “A great powerful pop-dance song, sung amazingly well. I like it, very catchy.

Harrison: “Ala is a great singer, and the song has a really catchy hook.

Alvis: “Vocals are great and lifts mood.

Lydia: “I like the bridge and chorus. Not a winner but I can sense a decent result coming up!

Christopher: “My winner! Love, Love, Love!

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Georgia was the last country who picked their entry. The national selection Ranina 2020 decided that Sandra Gadelia will represent the Caucasian state with the song You Are Not Alone with Georgian and English parts. Georgia is one of the most successful countries at Junior Eurovision with three victories (2008, 2011 & 2016) so far. 

Eurovoxx members say the following about the song:

Justin: “My absolute favourite this year. Such power and control in her voice. Will definitely be keen to see her on the Eurovision stage in the future.

Dominik: “This is one of my personal favorites. Her vocals are insane and the song touches me. If she can deliver this voice in the contest, she has a shot to win it all.”

Jessica: “An interesting mix of a song, that shouldn’t work, but does; I really like it. And she has some seriously impressive vocals too! I predict top 5 for Georgia.

Matt: “This is such a strong song, love it.

Sandra: “It’s a beautiful message that can be related to mental health issues or about loneliness, especially in these times when we’re tired in many different ways. Just by the lyrics I get touched, but also by how her vocals are incredible in this song.

Harrison: “Probably the best vocals this year, this soaring ballad is a serious contender to win the jury vote, possibly even the whole thing!

Malta is the smallest participating country in this year’s contest. However, the island state has amassed two victories so far, in 2013 and 2015. This year’s winner of “Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest”, Chanel Monseigneur, is gonna compete with the song Chasing Sunsets. Due to the still consisting language rule, Malta is the only country who is allowed to have a song fully in English. 

Here are some thoughts from Eurovoxx:

Harrison: “Really underrated by a lot of people. This is so relaxing to listen to and feels like one of the more modern sounding songs this year.

Christopher: “My biggest grower! What a great song.

Dominik: “Her voice is very unique. A cute and solid entry from Malta.

Justin: “This was a slow burner for me. But it continues to impress me each time I listen to it.

Lydia: “Chanel is incredibly cute! The cartoons in the background really bring it to live. I think people are underestimating the song and it’s pretty much a dark horse.

Matt: “Great voice and good song.

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Russia‘s 16th participation will be executed by Sofia Feskova with the song My New Day. So far, the biggest country on earth managed two victories so far, in 2006 & 2017. Soon we will find out whether the Russian and English ballad will win this year’s edition. 

Here are some comments from Eurovoxx: 

Twan: “Just magical. Sofia takes you with her into a magical world. The song is emotional, yet uplifting and very powerful. A strong contender to win.

Jessica: “I love this song. It’s such a beautiful ballad, sung amazingly. A real contender to win.”

Harrison: “A more classic ballad, it has a catchy chorus and a positive feel. Reminds me of Ukraine’s song “Gravity” from Eurovision 2013.

Dominik: “Impressive voice and a nice music video. Might be forgettable though.

Sandra: ” I get so much feeling of old Eurovision ballads in this song. This is a real nostalgia for me. Not in the top for me, but I’m intrigued to see what she can bring.


The Spanish singer Soleá is going to represent her country with the modern, reggaeton song Palante. Opposite to many other songs this year, this song is fully sung in Spanish, with no English at all. Spain is one of the most successful Junior Eurovision countries; they have won once, in 2004, and have never finished outside the top 5. After an eleven year gap, Spain reentered the contest in 2019. 

Eurovoxx members say the following about her song: 

Dominik: “Probably the most modern song of this year’s competition. Very catchy, love how sassy Soleá is. It’s easy to remember and she has a great stage presence!

Sandra: “This is the Spanish entry I have wanted for so long. I’m so happy, and this has winner vibes written all over it. Modern touch with a international feel. “Palante” is a something you really want to dance to, Ole!

Matt: “Summer vibes in winter! Great song.

Justin: “Very catchy. I cant help but move to the rhythm every time I hear it.

Jessica: “Love this one! This catchy reggaeton song is full of power and attitude. I think this will do very well.

Christopher: “Catchy summer bop by an amazing performer.

Twan: “BOP!! I love this! The staging looks very cool and Solea owns that stage.

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The second male artist of the Junior Eurovision 2020 is the Ukrainian singer Oleksandr Balabanov with the song Vidkryval (Open Up). As the title already suggests, the song will be both in Ukrainian and English. Balabanov represents Ukraine after being victorious in the national selection “Natsionalnij vidbir Dytjache Jewrobatschennja 2020”. So far, Ukraine chalked up one victory, in 2012. 

Here are the comments to his song by Eurovoxx members:

Justin: “One of my favourites. It has a different feeling to many of the other songs and that could be enough to take it to the top!

Lydia: “One of my favourites. Oleksandr has a very unique voice. I keep singing the chorus, very catchy. Extremely underrated by the fandom!

Dominik: “His voice ability is truly impressive. His might have the biggest voice range from all the contestants. Curious to see if he can deliver this on stage.

Alvis: “Could potentially a dark horse. Sounds unique and vocals can definitely stand out!

Jessica: “An interesting mix of styles in the song, which make for a more unique entry that is very catchy, but this doesn’t appeal so much to me. I love the contrast in his voice though, and I would say possibly one of the best vocalists in this years contest.”

Harrison: “My winner! This is so different to anything I’ve ever heard at Junior Eurovision and Oleksandr is an amazing singer. Really cool song, it’s one of those you could listen to all day and never get bored of!


This year, France will receive the honour to close this year’s contest for the first time. The fully French song J’imagine by Valentina is a fresh bubblegum pop song. France’s best result so far was a 2nd place in 2018 with the song Jamais Sans Toi by Angélina.

Eurovoxx members say the following about Valentina’s song:

Christopher: “Such a cute song with a promising singer!

Sandra: “This is so adorable and cute! France is really bringing it to spread positivity again. A great song to end the contest with. Valentina is a super cute girl who makes you smile with her energy! Maybe another top 5 for a third year?

Dominik: “This song will definitely stand out from the rest. Even without the French language, I would have guessed France is behind this entry, which is always a good sign. Valentina has the right attitude to deliver the song.

Jessica: “Really like this one. A fun, catchy and cute song, with a great performance to match. And Valentina is definetley bringing the cute factor to this years contest! France have done it again! I predict this song to do very well.”

Justin: “Cute, catchy, summer vibes. Loving the Caribbean feeling to the music.

Alvis: “Gives such summer funk vibes, staging could be promising.

Lydia: “This song makes me happy and want to dance. Especially in such a ballad heavy line up. Really want it to do well.

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Do you want to know what Andy thinks about this year’s entries? Check out his reaction video below from our official YouTube channel, and while you’re there, don’t forget to the give the video a thumbs up and to click that subscribe button!

What are your favourite songs from this years contest? And which performances did you like the best? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on social media for all the latest (Junior) Eurovision news, reviews and more!

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