Eurovision star Imaani backs Birmingham’s host city bid for Eurovision 2023

September 23, 2022


British singer Imaani has said she is "backing Birmingham" to host Eurovision 2023.

The British singer has shown her support for Birmingham hosting Eurovision 2023, the same city that hosted the contest in 1998 when Imaani finished in second place for the United Kingdom. 

“There’s no doubt in my mind that Birmingham could do it again. And a thousand times better than they did it before – and they did a pretty damn good job when I was there. I’m backing Birmingham.”

Looking back at her Eurovision journey in 1998, Imaani recalls “absolute terror” during the dress rehearsal: “My management team drew lots over who was going to come down and tell me off for crying. I was just so scared.”

Despite this though, Imaani has many fond and positive memories of her time at Eurovision 1998 in Birmingham, an experience she describes as phenomenal: “It was massive. Amazing band and the crowd was incredible. Such a huge building, it was amazing, a phenomenal experience.”

Imaani’s support for Birmingham to be Eurovision 2023’s host city echo the words of Birmingham City Council Leader, Ian Ward: “We saw during the Commonwealth Games people here in Birmingham rediscovering their pride and their confidence in their city and realising that Birmingham can do these major international events as well as any other city anywhere in the world.”

Who is Imaani?

Imaani Saleem, born Melonie Crosdale, is a British singer who hails from Nottingham. She got her big break in 1998 when she won The Great British Song Contest and went on to represent the United Kingdom at that years Eurovision Song Contest with “Where Are You?”

After a very close voting sequence, which saw just 7 points seperating the top 3, Imaani achieved the United Kingdom’s 15th second place, being beaten to the top spot by Dana International by just six points.

Since Eurovision, Imaani has continued to sing and perform, featuring as lead vocalist on Tru Faith & Dub Conspiracy‘s cover of “Freak Like Me”, which topped the U.K. Dance charts in 2000. She has recorded with jazz-funk band Incognito, and has performed as part of The AllStars Collective. She released her debut album in 2014.

Where will Eurovision 2023 be held?

The seven British cities that are in the running to host Eurovision 2023 were confirmed by Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1 on August 12th.

  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Sheffield

No mention has been made of when we can expect to the official host city of Eurovision 2023 to be confirmed. However, looking back at previous Eurovision host city announcements, we could expect more information in early Autumn.

Do you think Birmingham has what it takes to host Eurovision… aagain? Would you like to see Birmingham hosting Eurovision 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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