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Eurovision 2021 day 2: Romania first rehearsal: Roxen “Amnesia”

May 9, 2021


Roxen has delivered an emotional and rather heart felt first rehearsal. Roxen is joined on stage by four backing dancers, similar to what we saw in her music video. Roxen is rather glammed down, as opposed to glammed up, wearing a hoodie and jeans; however, her outfit style and colours suit the song and performance very well.

Roxen’s rehearsal starts off with her standing in the middle of the stage, surrounded by her dancers who are all on the stage floor. The colours are quite dark and moody to begin with, but as the performance goes on, this gives way to bright red colours that fill the stage. Roxen makes good use of the stage, and interacts well with her dancers, even dancing with them at times.

Roxen appeared to be somewhat nervous on stage, and delivered a shaky vocal performance. However, we are sure that all of these things will be ironed out in time for the live semi final.

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