Eurovision day 1: North Macedonia first rehearsal: Vasil “Here I Stand”

May 8, 2021


Now here he stands! Vasil is back for North Macedonia, and he is back with a bang! Vasil, dressed in an all black suit, is standing alone on stage, which is rather fitting for his song “Here I Stand”. The staging is simple, and is mainly focused on Vasil himself. However, the Macedonian team have been rather clever with their use of augmented reality, and the darkness that surrounds the stage soon gives way to an explosion of bright golden colours that not only fill up the stage, but also Vasil’s outfit.

The beginning of the rehearsal begins with a spotlight shining on Vasil, giving the performance an almost theatrical feeling to it. But soon enough, Vasil breaks free from the stand mic and unleashes emotion and power as he belts out his song with a lot of passion and feeling.

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