Eurovision Canada seems to be coming in 2023!

April 25, 2022

Eurovision Canada


The Eurovision family is expanding! After Australia and The United Stats of America, Canada is joining Eurovision in 2023!

Eurovision Canada 2023

Eurovision Canada is an initiative from Canadian producer Insight Productions, who teamed up with ASC, Inc (owners of the Eurovision Canada rights).

Canada will host their very own Eurovision Song Contest in 2023! There will be artists from the 10 provinces and 3 territories competing for the Canadian Eurovision crown. 

This means there will be artists representing:

  1. The province Alberta
  2. The province British Columbia
  3. The province Manitoba
  4. The province New Brunswick
  5. The province Newfoundland and Labrador
  6. The province Nova Scotia
  7. The province Ontario
  8. The province Prince Edward Island
  9. The province Quebec
  10. The province Saskatchewan
  11. The Northwest Territories
  12. The Nunavut territory
  13. The Yukon territory

Canadian artists

So, what kind of artists can we expect at the Eurovision Canada? Well, Canada has brought us some of the most popular names in the music industry. You can think about artists like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Neil Young and Shania Twain. And of course a very familiar face in the Eurovision family; Céline Dion (winner of the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest). 

If we will be seeing some of these artists on the Eurovision Canada stage is, of course, still to be seen.

The Eurovision Canada format

During the show, there will be artists from each of the provinces and territories competing in a head-to-head qualifier competition. These head-to-head competitions will lead to the semi-finals and of course, the grand finale.

All competitions will be televised, as well as the semi-finals and grand finale. 

The executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, Martin Österdahl,  commented:

'The Eurovision Song Contest’s unique legacy dates back 67 years and its worldwide popularity continues to grow. It is time for Canada to join the party and become a player in this worldwide spectacle. The love of music is universal and the celebration of music’s different genres and styles transcends boundaries, uniting people in a way that no other art form can. We are excited to have found the best partners to offer another version of this joyful phenomenon to new fans and to share this remarkable competition with the Canadian people.’

A showrunner at Insight Productions, Lindsay Cox, added:

'The phenomenal song-writing and extraordinary musicianship in this country can stand against any in the world which is why Canada is the perfect home for the next iteration of the Eurovision Song Contest. We’re so honoured to partner with the Eurovision team to showcase the immense musical talent from every corner of our nation and for Canadian viewers to become a part of this global phenomenon. Eurovision Canada will combine two forces that have always brought our nation together: fantastic music and a live event spectacle.’

When will we know more?

For now, this is all the information we have. But more information about Eurovision Canada is set to be revealed in the coming weeks. We are looking forward to hearing more about Eurovision Canada, how about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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