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Eurovision 2025: Bakel Walden Emphasizes the Contest’s True Purpose

June 4, 2024


Following Nemo’s victory for Switzerland with the song “The Code” at Eurovision 2024 in Malmö, discussions have intensified about the role and scope of the Eurovision Song Contest. Bakel Walden, Director of Development and Offer at SRF, recently spoke out about the event’s primary focus and the expectations placed upon it.

In an interview with 20 Minuten, Walden highlighted that while Eurovision is an enormous platform with a significant global audience, it is not the stage to solve all of the world’s problems. “The Eurovision Song Contest is about music, culture, and entertainment. It is a celebration of diversity and unity through music, not a forum to address every global issue,” Walden stated. His comments come amid increasing debates on the political and social messages conveyed through the contest.

Nemo’s win has brought the contest back to Switzerland after many years, and with it comes a renewed focus on what Eurovision represents. Walden emphasized the importance of remembering the contest’s roots and core values. “Eurovision has always been about bringing people together through the power of music. It provides an opportunity for countries to showcase their unique cultures and talents. While it can highlight important issues, its primary purpose remains to entertain and unify.”

Walden’s perspective is particularly relevant as Switzerland prepares to host Eurovision 2025. The event is expected to draw massive attention and bring various cultural and social issues to the fore. However, Walden insists that the main focus should be on the music and the artists who bring their creativity and passion to the stage.

As Switzerland gears up for the event, the emphasis will be on creating a spectacular show that celebrates the diverse musical talents from across Europe and beyond. The preparation involves not just logistical planning but also ensuring that the spirit of Eurovision remains intact.

The Swiss victory with “The Code” has already sparked a wave of excitement and anticipation. Fans and organizers alike are looking forward to an event that promises to be both entertaining and unifying, staying true to the essence of Eurovision.

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What are your thoughts on the role of the Eurovision Song Contest? Should it focus solely on music and entertainment, or also address global issues? Share your opinions and join the conversation in the comments below!

Source: 20 Minuten

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