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Eurovision 2022: Semi final allocation draw complete! Which semi final will countries perform in?

January 25, 2022


The semi finalists of Eurovision 2022 have now been allocated!

The semi final allocation draw just took place at 12:00 CET  at Palazzo Madama e Casaforte degli Acaja (Madama Palace) in Turin, Italy. Now we know which semi final countries will be taking part in! Before the draw, the semi finalists have each been separated out into separate pots, which have been determined from prior voting patterns. Below you can check out which semi final the semi finalists will be taking part in as well as which half they will be performing in also!

On top of that, the host city insignia ceremony will also take place, which is where the previous hosts, Rotterdam, will ceremoniously hand over the host city insignia to Turin.

Semi Final 1

Semi Final 2

The Big 5 has also drawn which semi final they will be voting in!

Of course, the so called Big 5: Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany and France will also be involved in the semi finals. Today also revealed which semi final each member of the Big 5 will be voting in. Traditionally it would be the Big 5 plus the host country that will draw which semi final they will be voting in. However, since one of the Big 5, namely Italy, is the host country, it will only be those 5 countries that will be taking part in the draw. 

With all the semi finals all sorted, all we have to wait for now is which order the songs will be performing in. This usually takes place a short time after all the songs are released and after the heads of delegations meeting. Stay tuned so you can keep up with up to date news on Eurovision!

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