Eurovision 2022: Montenegro’s staging not as originally planned

May 10, 2022



Speaking to RTCG, Vladana has revealed that her Eurovision 2022 staging is not what was originally planned.

Speaking to the Montenegrin broadcaster, Vladana explains that whilst she is satisfied with her rehearsals so far, her and her team only got 5% of what they asked for, in terms of staging.

“I am satisfied with the rehearsals, especially in the way I sound and how the song sounds, and the reactions are great. As for the visuals, we sent and explained in detail a wonderful idea that would follow the story of the song, of which when we arrived in Turin we did not get even five percent, but only the contours and then we were forced to save it on the spot. So honestly in the end I don’t know how our performance will affect the audience, because that’s not what the creative team, made up of Gojko Berkuljan and Vesna Popadić, originally imagined but I’m proud of them.”

Vladana will perform “Breathe” for Montenegro in the second half of the second semi final of Eurovision 2022 on May 12th.

Have you seen Vladana’s staging for “Breathe”? What are your thoughts on her performance? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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