Eurovision 2021 odds: Has the first rehearsals made big changes to them? Here’s 5 changes that occurred!

May 11, 2021


With the conclusion of all the first rehearsals of the semi finals, how has the odds changed since before the rehearsals began? Well, with some significant reactions from the public regarding some songs, they seemed to have echoed onto the betting odds. Here are 5 significant changes that has happened, with odds being up to date on the 11th May 2021 from Eurovision World:

Malta slips to 2nd in the odds; France moves to 1st

After initially being first in the odds prior to her first rehearsal, Malta’s Destiny has slipped into 2nd in the odds, now being given a 16% chance of winning. Her chances of winning were predicted at 20% prior to rehearsals. As a result, France’s Barbara Pravi has now moved up to first in the odds, being given a 18% chance of winning. Although Malta has moved to second, the odds are still extremely close at the top. So it’s worth keeping an eye on on the top to see how this changes, especially with France’s first rehearsal being on Thursday 13th May. Let’s keep an eye out on the top as this may well change!

Ukraine jumps from 16th to 9th in the odds

After Go_A’s first rehearsal 2 days ago, they seemed to have received a really positive reception from press and public alike. This has seemed to have really reflected onto the odds as the Ukrainian representatives have now entered the top 10, placing 9th. Some betting markets have put their lowest odds at around 24/1

Portugal have jumped from 24th to 19th after first rehearsal

The biggest significant glow up in the odds from Semi Final 2 is Portugal. The Iberian nation initially was 24th. However, after The Black Mamba’s first rehearsal this afternoon, their odds have narrowed slightly after a seemingly well received rehearsal, moving up 5 places to 19th position.

Norway falls out of the top 10, placing currently in 15th

Norway’s TIX did his first rehearsal on Sunday, with his staging being somewhat similar to what he brought in Melodi Grand Prix. He has slipped slightly in the betting odds, now currently being in 15th position as opposed to being in 10th place prior to rehearsals.

Iceland and Bulgaria's odds narrow

Despite staying in similar positions in the odds to prior to rehearsals, Bulgaria and Iceland’s odds of winning have narrowed significantly. Before rehearsals, both countries were given around 5% chances of winning according to the odds. Now, after Daði & Gagnamagnið and Victoria left a good impression in both their rehearsals, they are now given an 8% winning chance, with odds being around 7/1 and 8/1 for both acts.

Here is the full list of odds as they currently stand as of 11/05/2021:

odds 11-5-21 first rehearsal-1
odds11-5-21 first rehearsal-2

The odds will probably change again after the 2nd rehearsal + the Big 5 + host country's first rehearsal

As with every first rehearsal, not everything will be perfect. The second rehearsal allows the contestants to try out new things and iron out anything they didn’t seem or feel right to them. This might also cause the odds to shift a little bit as well. Not to mention that the Big 5 and the host country, The Netherlands, having their first rehearsal on Thursday as well. Will France cement their 1st place position? Could any other Big 5 countries surprise us? Watch this space guys!

When is Eurovision 2021 happening?

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place on the 22nd May 2021, with the first and second semi finals taking place on the 18th and 20th May respectively. These 3 shows will take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands after Duncan Laurence won the latest edition of the contest in 2019 with the song Arcade. The contest will be hosted by Jan Smit, Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley & Nikkie de Jager.  

What do you think about these changes? Are there any other changes that stood out to you? Tell us in the comments below!



All rehearsal videos are taken from the Eurovision Song Contest Youtube channel  

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