Eurovision 2021 day 8: Big 5 and host country second rehearsals

May 15, 2021


Day eight of Eurovision 2021 sees the Big 5 and host country The Netherlands take to the stage for their second rehearsals. It also marks the end of rehearsals for this years contest. After today, there will be lots of run throughs of the shows, jury shows and of course, the live shows. This article will be updated throughput the day, so be sure to keep checking back!

Italy: Måneskin "Zitte E Buoni"

We’re sure that Italy woke up the whole press centre with their rehearsal this morning! Måneskin have come on stage wearing different outfits, but still exuding the same confidence and power on stage as before. For their performance today, everything remains the same as in the first rehearsal, except for the addition of pyro on their last run through. Could this be a potential winner?

Germany: Jendrik "I Don't Feel Hate"

Jendrik have his team have brought the fun to the stage today! Although a little out of breath at times, Jendrik otherwise gave a solid vocal performance, as well as delivering on the choreography side of things. This time, we could hear him using more ad libs compared to the first rehearsal. For his “speech”, Jendrik welcomed “ladies, gentlemen, and those who don’t wish to choose” before finishing with the Dutch phrase “tot snel” (see you soon).

The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy "Birth Of A New Age"

Jeangu and his team have given us yet another beautiful and emotionally charged performance, both in terms of vocals and choreography. Jeangu’s vocals were spot on, as were those of his backing singers. His backing dancer delivered a very moving and powerful performance on stage. The performance, as well as the imagery and colours on the backdrop is the same as it was in the first rehearsal.

France: Barbara Pravi "Voilà"

Barbara gave us all a performance that we’ve come to know and expect. There have been no obvious changes to her first rehearsal, which is no surprise as there is nothing that needs changing. Despite a minor costume malfunction in the first run through, Barbara powered through her remaining run throughs, giving a very emotive and captivating performance that we’re sure will go down very well in the live grand final.

United Kingdom: James Newman "Embers"

For the United Kingdom’s second rehearsal, we can see a performance that appears more polished and fine tuned in comparison to his first rehearsal. Despite a shaky and breathy vocal from James, he appears to be having fun on stage and enjoying himself. There are very few changes that have been made from the first rehearsal, and overall, the staging at time can come across as being a bit chaotic. The camera work could still use some fine tuning, but other than that, it was decent rehearsal from James and his team.

Spain: Blas Cantó "Voy A Quedarme"

Once again, Blas has impressed everyone with his stellar vocals, as he hit those high notes with ease. Staging wise, there have been no visible changes made compared to the first rehearsal. The big moon prop above Blas fits in very well with the song, and all of the colours and visuals we see on the stage and backdrop make for something very atmospheric. Blas looks very confident and comfortable on the stage, and his performance was very convincing.

And that’s a wrap! All of the rehearsals for Eurovision 2021 have now come to an end. *cue sad face* So now that we have seen all the rehearsals, the big question is: which country’s performance is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow our website and social media for more Eurovision 2021 updates and more!

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