Eurovision 2021 day 7: Finland, Latvia, Switzerland and Denmark second rehearsal

May 14, 2021


And now we come to the final four countries to take to the stage today for their second rehearsals, starting with Finland. This article will be updated regularly throughout the day, so be sure to keep checking back for more updates.

Finland: Blind Chanel "Dark Side"

Blind Chanel have once again delivered an epic performance on stage. Their rehearsal today was just the same as their first rehearsal, with no obvious changes. We see the guys rocking it out on stage amidst a storm of lots of red colours and smoke that make for one incredible performance.

Latvia: Samanta Tīna "The Moon Is Rising"

Samanta is not messing around today, and she has come to play! She has come onto the Eurovision stage with lots of confidence and has delivered a solid performance that remains the same as her first rehearsal was. The staging still falls a bit flat, but we can notice a definite improvement compared to the first rehearsal, and this time round, the staging looks more fuller than it did before.

Switzerland: Gjon's Tears "Tout l'Univers"

Gjon has once again brought power and emotion to his performance. We the same staging concept as the first rehearsal, and although at times it does seem a bit much, with lots of things to take in, Gjon has a fantastic stage presence and sells the song very well. His vocals were on point, and he nailed each and every one of his run throughs.

Denmark: Fyr og Flamme "Øve Os På Hinanden"

The boys are back again, and they’ve brought the 80s with them! The Danish duo have given us another high energy and colourful 80s inspired performance. This performance is visually appealing, and just screams fun and happiness as the duo appear to be having the time of their lives up on that stage. 

Well, we can’t believe we’re saying this, but… that’s a wrap on semi final rehearsals! It seems like just yesterday we were seeing the artists on the stage for the first time. But the rehearsals are not quite over yet as we still have the Big 5 + The Netherlands second rehearsals to come tomorrow. So don’t forget to join us on our website and social media for all the latest updates!

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