Eurovision 2021 day 7: Georgia, Portugal, Albania and Bulgaria second rehearsals

May 14, 2021


It’s day seven of second rehearsals at the Ahoy Arena, and today, we see a further eight countries from semi final 2 taking to the stage. This article will be updated throughout the day, so don’t forget to keep checking back to see how four favourites are doing!

Georgia: Tornike "You"

Tornike gets todays rehearsals of to a beautiful start. Whilst we don’t see many noticeable changes to his staging, but what we do see is a more fine tuned and polished performance in comparison with his first rehearsal. The visuals on stage are very mesmerising, and suit the somewhat dreamy quality of the song. Tornike looks and sounds very good on stage, and he gave a very impressive vocal performance.

Albania: Anxhela Peristeri "Karma"

Anxhela has absoloutley pulled it out of the bag for her second rehearsal as she belts out those high notes with such power. We don’t really see many changes made to the performance, expect for the addition of dark grey smoke coming in towards the end of the song, with some dry ice on the stage floor.

Portugal: The Black Mamba "Love Is On Your Side"

The Black Mamba are back again for what can only be described as a stunning performance. Their second rehearsal remains largely the same as their first, with no visible changes being made. The way the story of the song is being portrayed on stage makes for something which is visually stunning, and this, combined with the smooth vocals of Pedro, makes for something beautiful.

Bulgaria: Victoria "Growing Up Is Getting Old"

Bulgaria’s second rehearsal was visually stunning, with lots of gold and orange colours filling the stage, just as we saw in the first rehearsal. Although for this rehearsal, it seems like these colours are brighter. We also see that the photo Victoria has next to her is now in a frame. Vocally speaking, she was perfect and have a very raw and emotional performance atop her rock.

Which of these performances has been your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to keep following us on our website and on social media for all the latest Eurovision 2021 updates!

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