Eurovision 2021 day 6: The Netherlands first rehearsal: Jeangu Macrooy “Birth Of A New Age”

May 13, 2021


Jeangu has delivered a very striking and somewhat surprising performance for “Birth Of A New Age”. He is joined on stage by two backing vocalists, one of whom is his twin brother, and one backing dancer. Jeangu is wearing a black outfit with a bright blue jacket. The backing singers are in a mix of blue, black and grey outfits, whilst the backing dancer adds a splash of colour with a red top and grey trousers.

The beginning of the performance sees Jeangu and his backing vocalists close together on the main stage, with lots of close-up camera angles. To begin with, the staging is very dark, with stormy imagery appearing on the backdrop, and positive affirmations on English. As we head into the first chorus, we see the backing dancer making an appearance.

As we go in to the middle eight, Jeangu and his team go to the side stage, where they are all singing and dancing together as a burst of colour breaks out and fills the stage. In the midst of all this colour, we see the lyrics of his song “You can’t break me” appearing on the backdrop. The performance ends with Jeangu and his team on the side stage.

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