Eurovision 2021 day 6: Spain first rehearsal: Blas Cantó “Voy A Quedarme”

May 13, 2021


Amidst a sea of dark colours surrounding him, Blas starts off his song acapella, with the backing track coming in midway through the first verse. Blas is in the middle of the main stage and the backdrop has lots of black and dark blue colours. Towards the beginning of the song, we see an eclipse appear on the backdrop, which brings a bit of light and warmth to the stage.

As the song picks up, so does the staging. As we go into the second chorus, when the beat has kicked in, we see a burst of warm orange and yellow colours filling the stage, and ultimately, lighting up Blas, who has, up until this point, been left in the dark. We all see a giant moon appearing in the middle of the stage, above Blas.

Blas looks like a natural on stage. He oozed confidence as he gave a very strong yet emotional performance. He had a strong vocal, and managed to hit all of those high notes with ease.

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