Eurovision 2021 day 6: more acts take to the stage for second rehearsals

May 13, 2021


On day 6 of Eurovision 2021, we see a further ten countries taking to the stage for their second rehearsal. Malta, the only country from semi final 1 not to have rehearsed yesterday, is up first before we head into the second semi finalists. This afternoon, we will see the Big 5 + The Netherlands first rehearsal. This article will be updated throughout the day, so be sure to keep checking back!

Malta: Destiny "Je Me Casse"

Destiny was on fire for her second rehearsal! Her vocals, as always, were on point, as she gave a very confident and energetic performance on stage. We can see that some changes have been made to their performance, most noticeably Destiny’s outfit, which is now sparkly and silver. Some of the camerawork has been refined, and we see additional lighting and graphics on the backdrop towards the end of the song. Could Malta be a contender for the trophy?

San Marino: Senhit "Adrenalina"

Senhit and her dancers have definetley brought the Adrenalina to their second rehearsals. They have kept everything the same as their first rehearsal, including Don Jiggy, the stand in rapper. Although this time around, we were treated to pyros at the end of her third run through! Senhit delivered a very energetic performance, with good vocals. 

Estonia: Uku Suviste "The Lucky One"

For Estonia’s second rehearsal, we see a performance that is exactly the same as it was for their first rehearsal. Uku looks great on stage and performs the song well, amidst a backdrop of dark colours and stormy graphics, but perhaps they are a little bit too dark. We can notice an improvement in Uku’s vocals and he seems more confident on the stage this time around.

Czech Republic: Benny Cristo "Omaga"

For his second rehearsal, Benny Cristo has amped up the energy levels. He brings a great stage presence to his performance, and has a very likeable personality that shone through his rehearsal today. Except for the addition of Benny wearing glasses, everything is the same as it was in his first rehearsal.

Greece: Stefania "Let's Dance"

Once again, Stefania has delivered on stage! Her staging and choreography are just as eye catching and visually appealing as they were in the first rehearsal, and her vocals are as strong as ever. Stefania appeared confident and comfortable on stage as she powered through all of her run throughs with ease. We think Greece has the potential to do very well this year!

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